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Did you know…

February 9, 2009

These weeks Puzzle Piece comes from the experience of the Total Practice Resource team Dr Brian Anderson, Dr Bruce Carrick and Brandy evaluating and coaching practices to increase efficiency and profitability. Brandy was the spokesman here and speaks in first person.

It is short and to the point on what can help you, help your patients, and increase your bottom line.

Did you know…
*If your patients are not buying nutrition from you, they are probably buying it somewhere else.
*By making necessary nutrition recommendations to your patients you can actually save them money by helping them get better results faster.
*By properly utilizing the nutrition in your office you are actually providing a better service to your patients, educating doctors, and staff both and generating profits for your practice growth.
*If doctors and staff are not compliant with their own nutritional needs, nutrition sales and patient compliance is significantly reduced.
*Nutri-West Nutrition is pharmaceutical grade and so therefore enables us to provide not only the very best of care but also the very best of nutrition to our patients.
*By properly educating patients on their nutritional benefits, you are helping their friends and families as well as generating referrals.
*Nutri-West has made it easier for us to educate doctors, staff, and patients on proper nutrition.  Examples of this include:  SilverBullets, NutriNotes, nutritional protocols, and training through Nutri-West/Brimhall seminars, eWellness, and more!

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One of the primary reasons that patients do not utilize services or products in our offices, believe it or not, is because they don’t even know that it’s available!  Another common statement I hear from doctors, staff, and even patients is that nutrition isn’t sold or purchased by the patients because it was never recommended or explained.

I believe that by not properly recommending nutrition to our patients, we as doctors and staff are doing a disservice to our patients by not educating them for what they need and why.  It is important to always show the benefit to the patient for the recommendations that are made.  If we don’t tell them, how will they know? 

When we are sought out for care by a patient, it is the responsibility of the doctor to provide his/her best recommendations and professional opinion based upon the personal needs of the patient.  With this information, it is the responsibility of the patient to make an educated decision to receive care and to what degree of care they are seeking.  They cannot make an educated decision if they are not given adequate information. 
Like Dr. John always says “Give them what they want, while you educate them for what they need.” 

Just like there are weaknesses in our bodies that can be strengthened with proper adjusting techniques and nutrition, there are weaknesses in our practices that can be strengthened by proper implementation.  For more information or assistance in any area of your practice, contact Total Practice Resources at (303) 242-8901.  For proper implementation of Nutri-West Nutrition, contact us and request a consultation with Dr. Brian Anderson or contact Dr. Anderson directly at 877-692-2644.

Also visit the Total Practice Resources website at for additional details on our free monthly newsletter, as well as webinar information.  The first webinar is Dr. John W. Brimhall discussing how he created a Million Dollar Practice.

You have been well instructed this week.  Come and see us NOW at one of the Nutri-West Seminars.  Brandy and her team have joined the Brimhall Technique Gurus and we will assist your whole office from front to back to a greater proficiency and implementation to INCREASE THE BOTTOM LINE.

John W. Brimhall, DC and the Wellness Team

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