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February 23, 2009

YOUR BRAIN CAN GET BETTER WITH AGE IF TREATED WITH PROPER NUTRTION AND TREATMENT. Brain-imaging is revealing many things about our brains that challenge the way we’ve traditionally thought about brain function and development. A report on a brain-imaging based study released by UNM’s Health Sciences Center and New Mexico VA Health Care systems gives us new insights.

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Cheryl Aine, a UNM researcher, compared the brain to a good wine.  It improves with age with proper conditions.  Our brain quits making gray matter at about age 16.  The white matter in the depths of the longitudinal fissure of the brain, made up of transverse fibers that connects the two cerebral hemispheres  continues to grow until about age 45.  This great white commissure or the corpus callosum allows the lobes of the brain to work together.

Autistic disorder research has shown some cases to have significant limitations arriving from the white matter.  Some of the positive results have been achieved by working on this area nutritionally and with specific techniques.  The red laser has been very helpful in our clinical practice.   Total Brain has been like a miracle in many cases as well.  Total Mitochondria has also shown positive in Autistic disorders and almost every case of degeneration and malfunction anywhere in the body.  Mitochondria are found in every cell of the body.  All chronic degenerative conditions according to Dr. Murphy and his research have shown an inability for mitochondrial resuscitation.

The journal Neurolmage released Cheryl Aine’s research stating we may be in our prime between 35 to 45 years of age.  Scientists used to think it was all downhill for the brain after the teenage years, because the gray matter not only stops developing but shrinks as people enter their 20s. In the study, scientists scrutinized that theory by imaging the brains of people in three age groups – people 20-29, 35-45, and those older than 60.
They have now found the gray matter become more refined and the white matter, acting like a superhighway, sends information between the lobes of the brain and keeps growing and developing well into adulthood.  New research shows we lose some of the gray matter because we get rid of some of the extra synapses we do not use.  This is like sculpturing by the body to make us more efficient.  However the more versatile our exercise physically, intellectually and emotionally, the less we cull synapses.  It is the same story of use or loose.

Dr. Janice Knoefel, a geriatrics physician in the VA Hospital, states young brains still have an edge on attention and learning.  Memory does have a tendency to decline as we get older.  Some current research in assisted living homes has shown technology like the Nintendo Wii, which was designed for play, is giving great gains for senior citizens by using the hand eye coordination amalgamated by brain function.  We give the patients Total Brain, Total Mitochondria, DSF, and Total 5HTP according to their individual tests and needs.  We have lasered the Wii player’s total body and their brain to great advantage.  The specific frequencies have been 4, 33, 60 and 9.  I do not think there are any wrong frequencies but these work especially well.

Any way you can challenge the brain during activity, be it testing the cranial nerves as taught in our seminars, the use of the eyelights or testing while a patient is multi-tasking like doing the Wii, will allow you to identify where the problem is and correct it on the spot.  That is by lasering the area; having them chew Total Brain, DSF, Total Mitochondria or what ever tests and sending them home with the specific nutrients to complement your treatment.  We recommend many patients purchase the eyelights to continue the treatment at home every day to increase the results achieved in the office and for the patient to progress continually, instead of achieving only temporary help or relief.

We certainly hope you enjoy the Puzzle Pieces and apply these insights in your practice and in your lives and homes.  You need to be on your Nutri-West nutrition to manifest the miracles in you own life, which makes it easy to share the message with your patients.  I start out every day with chewing my N-W nutrition, putting on my eyelights and doing my exercises while I listen to Scriptures or motivational tapes.  This starts each day out optimally.

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