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Polycystic Kidney Disease, Cysts, and Insulin Desensitization

March 2, 2009

Following an accident it was found... that a wife and mother of several children had multiple kidney cysts, cysts on the spleen, and a few on her reproductive organs.

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Polycystic Kidney Disease was the medical diagnosis and it was suspected there was a genetic predisposition.  Medically there was no hopeful course of treatment recommended or answers given.  The Husband/Doctor asks for insights and possible help. 

It has been established that polycystic kidneys can be in part caused by insulin desensitization.  Diabetics and those with Syndrome X or Metabolic Syndrome have more insulin and not less.  The body has to create and release more insulin to get the glucose into the cells.  The problem comes when it is the muscle cell that needs more insulin to get the job done and not the kidney or eyes, etc.  So this excess insulin causes too much sugar to enter the eyes, kidneys and other organ systems that can cause named and blamed diseases such as we are refering too along vision loss, nerve damage and many others.

It is important to balance the blood sugar and increase the insulin sensitivity.  Start with DSF as stress is always a factor and the adrenals are one of the seven organs to balance blood sugar.  Test for Vanachrome to help keep the blood sugar balanced and from going too high or low.  Test for Total Alpha Lipoic Acid, which helps normalize insulin sensitization. 

Keep the patient off sugars and sugar substitutes.  Have the patient eat well balanced and (3/day) timed meals of complex carbohydrates, proteins and quality fats (not hydrogenated) where there are not getting sugar cravings or highs and lows in glucose levels.  Of course Total Greens are amazing to have quality meals or in between protein and vegetable drinks to help accomplish this.  Total Greens, Total Veggie, and Total Protect also help to help alkalize the patient, which is usually very acid in dis-eased condition.

Always test for hidden infections and support other treatment with the appropriate nutritional nutrigenomics, for example if yeast is found (Total Yeast), virus (Virx), bacteria (Total Multimune, Total Bac-T etc.), parasites (Total Para) and of course test and treat any heavy metal or other toxic accumulation with nutrition, foot baths, far infra red sauna ( High Tech 888-364-5774) and laser (866-338-4883).

I would consider testing and treating with the red and violet Erchonia lasers with the many techniques taught in our seminars.

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