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March 9, 2009

We received a case history... of a 52 year old female patient that can’t ever remember not having psoriasis and other related symptoms. She has thick yellow palms and soles. The top of her hands are dry, scaly, red, and aged looking. Her finger and toe nails look discolored and fungal.

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The treatment for the past 2&1/2 months was mainly focused on spinal adjusting, detoxifying her liver with supplements, laser, and footbaths.  She has also been put on an alkaline diet. Her caregivers state they have had tremendous results, yet have reached a plateau in the past month. They are looking for more insights.

PSORIASIS TREATMENT:  We continue to say in wellness care that we treat people that have named and blamed diseases but we do not treat the disease or dis-eases that have the people.

In treating with the 6 Steps to Wellness, we must remember the skin is the first line of defense from outside invasion and the last line of detoxification defense. It is the largest organ by size of the body.  To get the skin to clear you must detoxify the entire body many times.  Psoriasis has a reputation for being especially tough because many patients have been found to have mercury or other heavy metals and sometime accompanying parasites. 

Family history is significant in a reported 50% of the cases. Therefore genetic considerations are important. Patients with psoriasis have a higher incidence of rheumatoid diseases.  Do all possible testing and treating for toxins and consider heavy metal detox as well with Total Mercury (etc), Total Chelate, Total Liver, Total Systemic Detox, DSF, and test for Core Level Lymph.  You may want to do a hair analysis to look at body burden stores.  You will want to consider two to three foot baths per week.  If you have the new Erchonia EBi, you can achieve Iontophoresis including Total Chelate, Core Level Lymph, a Total Metal if it tests, DSF, and Total Veggie.  Of course do red and violet laser if you have them and look for the heavy metal settings in your seminar manual.  All Detoxification rates listed in the Ultimate Frequency Manual (Brimhall Seminars 866-338-4883) should be considered and rotated into treatment.

Emotions can play an important part in recovery.  Refer to Feelings Buried Alive Never Die by Karol Truman. It lists emotional insecurity, unwilling to be accountable for their own feelings, and unresolved, deep-seeded hurt feelings surfacing as possible contributing factors.  Please use several of the methods taught in our seminars to correct this interference.  They are available in the seminar manual and on our Basic and Advanced DVD’s.

If one has availability to a far infra red sauna, this allows the body to dump toxins at a deep level and of course the sweat comes through the skin.  We use the High Tec model 800-794-5355.  We do a foot bath while in the sauna and the laser also at the same time over the skin, the liver, and all organs we find involved when testing. 

Essential fatty acids are also important.  Faulty fat utilization is listed as a major problem.  Afflicted individuals have trouble converting linoleic acid to gamma-linolenic acid. Consider Total Flax or Fish oil.  They may need Total Enzymes and Total Probiotic for digestion, assimilation, and elimination.  The bowel can be toxic and must be balanced nutritionally and be nerve interference free.  The patient may need to consider colonics or coffee enemas.  The immune system is compromised and has an inflammatory presentation.  Therefore test for Total Inflamm, hidden infections that may need Total Multimune, Virx, Total Para and Total Yeast etc.  Also consider Total CMO as rheumatoid conditions are common. In every case where I have seen the mitochondria needing resuscitation to be a problem I have treated with Total Mitochondria.

Food allergies are common and A/SERT is very helpful along with proper diet and the T Enzymes and T Probiotics already discussed.  Super-Ox as an antioxidant is important to consider as it contains E, A, OPC’s, etc and it is very complete.  Homocysteine Redux needs to be tested for and supplemented if necessary.  Test for hypothyroidism and consider Total Thyroid.  Vitamin D should also be considered as a possible nutrient.  Of course leaky gut may need to be addressed and Total Leaky Gut can be a real insight to allow the patient to heal.

Now you see why we have to consider, test for and treat all 6 interferences.  They are all part of the health puzzle.  I have not seen a psoriasis case that did not enlist all 6 corrections.

If any of you reading this weeks Puzzle Piece did not know some of the tests and treatment mentioned you know why we are somewhere every month at a Nutri-West/Brimhall Seminar.  Please come and see us soon.

Your practice and your patient deserve Health and Wellness and the prosperity it brings.
John W. Brimhall, DC and the Family

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