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March 16, 2009

This weeks Puzzle Piece... comes in the form of a letter from Dr. Angie Cross, a Brimhall Certified Practitioner.  It is short, plain, and simple.  It reminds us that potentially all dis-ease comes from one or all six possible interferences.  We must indentify and correct one, two, three …until balance allows correction with the Six Steps to Wellness.

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The more complicated the case is the more you have to evaluate the interferences and treat with each step that allows correction.  In evaluation sometimes just your exam, case history and reflex testing gives you enough answers to begin treatment.  Sometimes you need special blood tests, Labrix Saliva testing, hair analysis, or even genetic profiles etc.  Every patient needs specific Nutri-West Nutrition, and treatment with the Adjustor, the Percussor, the Laser, and the Foot Bath, along with general Detoxification and Emotional stress release. In addition, most need Allergy or Sensitivity elimination.  Please read Dr. Angie Cross’s case history and schedule to get to a N-W/Brimhall seminar real soon and keep up on all of the advances and techniques to keep the WOW in your life and practice.

Good Morning Dr. John!!

I just wanted to share with you your ripple effect. I had a young 19 year-old girl come in a few months ago with severe acne and her face had a bright red undertone from a cream her dermatologist had put her on and said it would clear her acne up. She had been suffering from the acne since she was put on birth control pills. At the same time she had started college and had a poor diet.

I immediately told her she was having an obvious allergic reaction to the cream, so she stopped and the redness went away within the first week. She said her face had been hot and red since starting the cream, but she was following directions from her "skin specialist". Not once did they ask her about her diet. Also, they told her pop was okay to continue on and that didn't play a role in acne!!!

I put her on Total Probiotics, Total Enzymes, DSF, Total Systemic Detox, and Total Yst Redux. I also gave her the blood type diet to follow, took her off all soda. She underwent ALCAT food allergy testing and discovered she was sensitive to most of the foods she was eating. We balanced her hormones and went off the BC pills.

I also did the full series of A/SERT with footbaths, laser, adjustor, and had her read Feelings Buried Alive Never Die.

Within six weeks her skin was completely clear, healed, and healthy. It truly was transformational. I could tell when she first came in she was a lovely lady underneath, by the end she truly was glowing.  

She was so frustrated with how her dermatologist had misled her and never asked the questions that made the difference. Wellness care totally transformed her and her skin. She has now decided to enroll at Palmer and is going to be a chiropractor to pass this on to help others as she was helped.

Think of how many thousands of more patients will be helped in her lifetime because she experienced the Six Steps to Wellness.

Thanks for a system that works with proven results enough to inspire others to make it their lifetime career and dream to help others the same way.
Angie Cross, DC

Thanks to Dr. Cross and all of you practitioners that add life to years and years to life by correcting causes and not just chasing symptoms.

John W. Brimhall, DC and the Wellness Team

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