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How Common and How Serious are Parasites?


April 13, 2009

How Common and How Serious are Parasites?

Parasites are far more common... than one would like to think.  They can be secondary to toxins, such as pesticides and heavy metals. We are exposed to about every type of parasite right here in America because people visit and live here from all over.  The most effective way to treat parasites is to use a complex herbal formula rather than single herbs, as they are adept at adapting and changing to stay alive.  Some believe they are pleomorhphic or that they can change their form (morph) to survive and can escape many forms of treatment. Again that is why it is necessary to correct all Six Steps at the same time.

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The patient may show many types of symptoms and may have many named and blamed diseases diagnosed.  A symptom survey may give you some clues that you should look for parasites.  One such survey is listed at the bottom of this article. N-Compass and eWellness programs contain great and comprehensive questionnaires (for more information, contact Dr. Lynn Toohey 866-271-8888). Reflex testing is an indicator as well.  Stool cultures can be revealing.  One authority, Dr. Omar Amin here in Arizona, suggests that it sometimes takes several cultures at different times to find them due to the different stages they can be in and not all stages show readily.

It can be tricky to completely eliminate them as they might be cleared from the GI tract but be stuck in the bile duct, bronchial tree, or genito-urinary tract. These can be breeders and start the whole process all over.

I repeat, this is why the whole “Six Step Protocol” is so necessary.  Sometimes you have to do everything right at the same time.  For parasites, your major line of defense and treatment may be Total Para, two upon arising and two at bedtime for 90 days.  Then of course the Total Enzymes help in digestion, assimilation and elimination, as well as enzymes between meals can even help digest the invaders and their eggs and residue.  Total Probiotics reestablishes the good bacteria to help get rid of the bad guys and protect the gut.  Total Liver and T Bac-T, Multimune or Virx will help build the immune system and help clear out the residual invaders.  Sometimes it is necessary to use Hypo-D to add hydrochloric acid to the stomach.  A proper acidic stomach is one of the best defense mechanisms against parasites.

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It is important to detoxify the patient using the many techniques taught in our seminars, listed in the manual, and in our book Solving the Health Puzzle (call 866-338-4883 for a copy). Another helpful nutrition to be considered is Total Chelate to help the body release heavy metals and other toxins.  We also use the Erchonia Laser on the toxic metal settings listed in the Nutri-West/Brimhall Manual and the parasite frequencies that show in the Ultimate Frequency Book.  Some common settings are: 727, 784, 880, 20, 64, 64, 72, 96, 112, 1000, 2128, 666, etc.  Of course we use the Erchonia footbath on these patients and I recommend a series of about 10 treatments spread over several weeks.  If you have the new EBI that allows Iontophoresis, it would help drive some of the nutrition in the body we have discussed. Parasites can be very persistent. Many times you just have to do everything right as stated.

We have listed some of the common symptoms from parasites.

_____Itchy ears, nose, or anus
_____Sexual dysfunction
_____Alzheimer's disease or mimicking symptoms
_____Slow reflexes
_____Gas or/and bloating
_____Unclear thinking
_____Loss of appetite
_____Voracious appetite
_____Yellowing of skin around the mouth or face
_____Fast heart beats
_____Heart or chest pain
_____Pain in and around the navel
_____Eating more than normal but still feeling hungry
_____Eating after lunchtime
_____Feeling like you are going to fall asleep
_____Can hardly keep your eyes open
_____Blurry or unclear vision
_____Back, thigh or shoulder pain
_____Chronic fatigue
_____Numbness in different parts of the body
_____Burning sensation in the stomach
_____Menstrual cycle problems
_____Drooling while asleep
_____Damp lips at night
_____Dry lips during daytime
_____Grinding teeth while asleep
_____Bed wetting (children)

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