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Multiple Sclerosis – Is There Any Hope or Help?


April 20, 2009

Dr. Brett and I have had extremely... good results with Multiple Sclerosis through the years.  Treating MS requires applying all the Six Steps of Wellness for most cases; the techniques must be administered with very strict compliance.  We always ask the patient, “What has happened in your life, just before or within a few years of when the condition started?”

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Food allergies, sensitivities, and reactions to their environment can be a major consideration, making A/SERT very indispensible in some incidences. 

In regards to nutrition, one may also want to consider Total CMO to help keep the body from attacking itself.  MS is considered to be a condition where the body’s own immune system can think its tissues are the enemy.  Please read the article on Total CMO in you Seminar Manual or get the information form you Nutri-West Distributor (800-443-3333.)

DSF can be a major complement to treatment. Stress always plays a part in MS or any degenerative condition, as well as any condition with an up or down regulated immune system.  Many of these people have had chronic stress and the entire General Adaptation Syndrome may have been in effect for many years.   DSF helps to support each part of the GAS, including the adrenals, the thymus, the spleen, the stomach, and rest of the digestive system.  DSF also contains the proper B vitamins and co factors for support and parotid, which, according to some research, helps tag nutrition for proper use and aids in detoxification of heavy metals.

Total Brain nutrition has been indicated as a needed nutritional supplement for most of the time in treating MS. In addition, brain balancing techniques (including utilization of lasers and eyelights) are helpful when they are used as taught in the Nutri-West/Brimhall Seminars.

Total Mitochondria is necessary in almost all degenerative and progressive diseases.  The mitochondria’s inability to resuscitate is an ever increasing problem due to malnutrition, stress and toxic contamination. 

Total Veggie and Total Greens are very helpful nutriceuticals that are nutrient dense, alkalizing, and aid in detoxication.  Of course Total Enzymes and Total Probiotics aid in digestion, assimilation, and elimination and must not be ignored in a “Total Program”.  Total Chelate can be very helpful and can be given orally and delivered through Iontophoresis if the EBi is available.

EbiAs stated marked allergies and or sensitivities must be identified and treated with A/SERT, food elimination diets, and detoxification procedures such at foot baths, Iontophoresis (if one has availability of the EBi Erchonia unit 866-338-4883) and far infrared sauna (888-364-5774.)  The patient may have not suspected allergies in a normal sense but you will have to test and uncover with the violet laser, vials, EAV, or Electric Acupuncture by Voll, etc.  Previous inoculations may be a culprit and need to be treated with homeopathics if they are manifested in testing.

Evaluate and treat the emotional side of the triangle very seriously.  We have used all of the techniques we teach such as the Five Minute Phobia Cure, Color, Sound, Positive Point Therapy, R.E.S.T., Laser therapy, and the Violet Laser Challenge and Treatment if one is available.
Test and use the appropriate homeopathic remedies for any Total Heavy Metals found.  Add the appropriate fatty acid as tests positive like Total Flax.

We just completed Certification and taught the use of the new nutrition for body contouring and the participants were able to experience the Zerona Laser.  The results of the doctors using the Total Niacin, Total L Carnitine, Core Level Lymph, DSF, Total Trim, and balancing the thyroid or whatever tests on the scan/lab tests has been incredible.  The average of 4 ½ inches of size reduction per patient and up to 17 inches has been the norm. 

Two of the Certification doctor participants shared their experiences of great success and an increase in patient enthusiasm since adding the Zerona and N-W/Brimhall protocol to their offices.  They are extremely happy with the increased level of service and income with the addition of the Zerona/Nutri-West Nutrition combination.  If you have an interest, please contact Dr. Luke Lovick at 678-350-5914 or our office at 866-338-4883 and ask for Natalie.  The rights to market the Zerona has been offered and may be sold within the next month.  We do not know if they will allow marketing to Chiropractors and Naturopaths.  I meet with this company next week and am looking forward to demonstrating the importance of the N-W nutrition and the Brimhall Protocol in the results obtained by many of the doctors using the Zerona Laser. We will keep you posted on future Puzzle Piece Newsletters.

Get to a seminar real soon and we will show you some of the new Nutri-West Nutrition and new Neurological Treatments developed.  We are constantly developing and teaching new innovations in nutrition and treatment.  That is our joy and our job.

See You Soon,
JW Brimhall, DC and the Wellness Team

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