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April 27, 2009

One of the most rewarding facets... about our seminars is seeing the change emerge in someone’s life. Admittedly sometimes the change is mechanical: a practitioner honed their technique, mastered the use of equipment, or uncovered a deficit in their treatment that failed to fully implement Nutri-West Nutrition. These things are important. They’re part of what you pay for and we take our obligation to provide this aspect of our instruction very seriously with strong deference to your trust in us. But every time… we see a change that is about something deeper. Maybe someone will overcome a fear; be it of themselves, success, or their supposed inabilities. Often the change is an incidence seemingly unrelated to what you’d think to find in chiropractic seminar; a family relationship is re-thought and re-felt out and healed, or a fuller love of self in the wake of weakness is discovered. Lives change. That is among the miracles we see daily. And it happens every time. And like lightning striking twice, and then a hundred times, it always happens at Brimhall Seminars.

Upcoming Seminars
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May 1-3
Des Moines, IA
Basic, Interm & Advanced
Dr. John Brimhall
Nutri-West Central
or 515-276-2919

May 29-31
La Jolla, CA
Basic, Interm & Advanced
Dr. John Brimhall
Nutri-West Southern California
or 949-829-9245

June 5-7
Atlanta Homecoming
Atlanta, GA
Brimhall Team / Dr. John Brimhall
Nutri-West Blue Ridge
or 843-342-3688

Recently on April 15th through the 18th we’ve completed another round of Certification. We gladly endorse this year’s graduates and anticipate the change they will effect in the lives of their patients, which is the crux of bringing wellness to the world. This is their experience.

How did this Certification meet or not meet your expectations?

I pushed against known and unknown barriers; broke through those in some cases.

Met every expectation. Mark and Laura did a great job.

It was awesome, life changing to increase my potential of what is possible.

Far exceeded. Built a sense of family. The caring atmosphere and way you made it fun helped me learn. It made me fell like I want to come back over and over again.

This was my fourth. It was the best administered of all!

It exceeded my expectations many many folds. I really felt the love and willingness to support from all the instructors.

Totally met my expectations and beyond.


What is the most valuable tool, technique, and/or concept you will take home?

Hearing is not listening. Seeing is not vision. Transcend that and learn to feel again.

Emotional healing and percussor.

The overall concepts and understanding of these concepts.

A/SERT, Emotional Release, and the fine tuned laser work.

A deeper concept of the integration of all the diverse interventions that we have at our disposal.


What were your favorite parts of this week?

Laughing, learning, and lunch.

I loved everything. The days went by so fast.

The people that are here and the great love they have for what they do. Particularly Dr. John and his Staff.

The blend of personalities, styles of teaching, knowledge of subject matter, and tools available is without compare.


We look forward to your experience. Feel free to view our schedule for forthcoming seminar dates. Also visit our recently revamped website for additional important information germane to your practice. For your benefit we’ve included a “Classifieds” section on the website where doctors can relay their needs to one another. We plan on keeping this central website updated and useable for you as a hub or current wellness information.

For many of you the time is approaching for Re-Certification. Homecoming will be on June 5 to 8 at Atlanta, Georgia. Click here to download your registration form. Look for future editions of the Puzzle Piece for more details on this important event.

As always it is an honor to work with all those with whom we associate with. Your patients are the luckiest in the world. We expend all our energy and ability to serve you in hopes that it will trickle down to benefit them. With an understood humility and great respect for those we serve, we say we are Brimhall Seminars, doctors are our patients.

Tangible Hope and Expectations of Success to You,
John W. Brimhall, DC and the Wellness Team


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