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Is the Zerona Lipo Laser and Nutriwest Nutrition for Body Contouring Really Chiropractic

May 11, 2009

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The response to the Zerona Laser... and the use of Nutri-West Nutrition has created unprecedented results in body contouring.  The results and the demand to add the protocol and the Zerona Laser to chiropractic practices have shocked me.

The average size loss in inches for patients has been 4 to 4½ inches in a six treatment protocol over two weeks.  The record is, I believe, about 18 inches.  The cost varies some in different areas but is around $2,500 for six treatments and $4, 000 for twelve.  Some of the doctors have been doing pre-sales at a discounted price for the first twenty patients or so.  One doctor pre-sold over $30,000 before the Zerona even arrived!

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We have discussed Nutri-West Nutrition being used in several Puzzle Pieces previously.  We will elaborate further below in the protocol used by Dr. Mark Earnhart in this article.

The question that should be asked is: “Is body contouring really chiropractic?”  The answer is probably best represented by measuring the results. Each state and province sets their own rules and laws of practice. I am not representing any legal opinion; I am just reporting what the results have been.  People are losing inches and in some cases weight as well.  Their range of motion increases, muscles are stronger and in many times pain is reduced (probably one reason is there is now a better posture established).  Also myotomes are reset, organs are strengthened, circulation improved and lymph mobilized by chiropractic adjustments, the laser treatment, and nutritional protocols.  Nutri-West Nutrition helps to furnish concentrated nutrients for detoxification, healing, and repair.

Most offices do a complete examination including posture analysis, muscle testing, myotome evaluation, orthopedic, and neurological exams, etc.  Many doctors are using different lab tests such as blood, urine, Labrix saliva, hair analysis, etc. for before and (when possible) after studies.  Many post studies have shown cholesterol and triglycerides to have dropped and many times the HDL improved upward.

Better posture, increased motion, increase muscle strength, better sense of well being, and just plain feeling better have been the normal results to treatment.  Most offices are putting the patient on a wellness program, which helps to get proper results and maintain the improvements.

Marketing rights are being sold to another company but we do have the ability to sale the Zerona at this time.  There is talk of another raise in price, so do not hesitate if you have interest.  Please call our office directly at 866-338-4883 or Dr. Luke Lovick at 678-350-5914 or Natalie Dana at 480-234-5546. 

This week's edition of the Puzzle Piece is the beginning of a two-part series in which Dr. Mark Earnhart shares the Zerona Protocol.

(Part 1)


1) Do you exercise - what and how often?  If not, are you willing to start?
2) How is your diet?  Are you willing to change if needed? We recommend a combination of Schwarzbein Principle and Eating For Your Blood Type.
3) Are you willing to drink 50% in ounces of you body weight per day?
4) Are you willing to take nutritional supplements?
5) What are your goals? (If they say to lose weight we explain that the ZERONA will not accomplish that on its own - they must exercise and eat well).

Once we have established they are serious, we schedule them for a Total Health Scan.

We also ask if they are willing to do before and after lipid panels to track cholesterol and triglycerides.  We explain to them that initial studies have shown a correlation with reduced cholesterol and triglycerides and we would like to add to that data.


1) Total Health Scan - we do a complete scan.  We want to know not only if the thyroid, adrenals, and liver are challenged but also how is the intestinal tract working.  We also check for Total Mitochondria.  If the mitochondria aren’t working properly, how can the body burn fat that the L-Carnitine is pushing to them?  Don’t forget infections - if yeast and parasites are found you must clear for proper fat loss.  If we find several issues we have them take the appropriate nutrition for 30 days before we schedule them for ZERONA.
2) Height, weight, blood pressure.
3) 5 minute phobia cure to clear emotional blocks.  Our goal is to get them to emotionally accept they can lose inches and are ready to start.
4) Fat test for neurology - have the patient pinch the fat and see if a strong indicator muscle goes weak.  We generally use psoas, tensor fascis lata, and iliacus, especially if they have low back issues.  We want our patients to know that the fat is related to back issues.  At the end of treatment we recheck.


1) Disrobe to their comfort level, and then they lie on the table under a sheet if that makes them more comfortable. If they are modest and lie under the sheet, once we set the ZERONA up and leave, they simply remove the sheet.  If they aren’t so modest, they don’t have to cover up.
2) Do scar tissue release as needed.
3) Using the roller on the precursor we massage the areas we are lasering.  Don’t forget to gently roll the lymphatics in the legs.  We will also sometimes percuss right and left knee and ankle.
4) Use the WOUND setting for 3-5 minutes if scar tissue is in the area.

5) ZERONA 20 minutes front and 20 minutes back.

6) Patient then gets dressed except for shoes - then they either chi or rebound for 5 minutes to further stimulate the lymphatics.

7) Off to the footbath room for a cellular cleanse.

To be continued next week....



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