Brimhall Puzzle Piece


May 25, 2009


This week... we have two questions/comments I want to address in this Puzzle Piece.

I)  One doctor had a patient who wanted improvement in gall bladder function and requested to know about the gall bladder flush.  GB-Plus is a nutrient combination formulated with cleansing herbs and nutrition to support liver and gall bladder function.  Total Liver is important for total support of the liver in its over 400 job descriptions.  I usually use one tablet three times per day of both of these nutrients.

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Be sure and use the Percussor and open the cystic duct as you start the nutritional support.  Percuss from the right side on the rib cage to assist organ motion, especially in the liver and gall bladder.  Place your listening hand on the left rib cage and firmly apply pressure. Consider the laser frequencies of 2.75, 3000, 880, 787, 727, 20, 3040, 5000, 465, 1550, 800, and 3.5.

Before you start a cleanse, it is safer to recommend doing an ultrasound first. It won't happen often, but when you get a large stone stuck in the bile duct in can cause a trip to the emergency room.

One of the GB cleanses used is to have the patient only eat apples and drink apple juice for three days.   On the third night they can drink 3oz of extra virgin olive oil mixed in 4 oz of pineapple juice, lie on their right side and go to sleep.

The next morning they usually pass balls of olive oil and hopefully gravel or stones, if present, through the bowels.  They should plan on light activity the morning after the cleanse.

A medical referral and possibly surgical consultation should be considered if the problem persists.

II) The second observation is made by Dr. Randall Roberts in Utah.  He has found many of his patients show the need for Total Mitochondria like we demonstrate at the seminars.  You should be able to test a muscle repeatedly and rapidly for at least ten contractures and the patient stay as strong at the tenth as they were at the first muscle test.  If they weaken, Total Mitochondria will correct this immediately on almost every patient.  Fatigue of any kind should trigger you to think of Total Mitochondria, whether is an acute or chronic problem.  Dr. Dan Murphy states all chronic degenerative diseases have a mitochondrial resuscitation problem.  Again think of Total Mitochondria.

Dr. Roberts found some of these patients tested positive on a Homocysteine test.  When he gave them Homocysteine Redux the patients either did not need Total Mitochondria or did not need as much.  Remember there have been over 450 conditions associated with Homocysteine accumulation.  One three times per day is a usual dosage, which may need to be continued indefinitely if the patient has had a congenital need for extra nutrients for proper Homocysteine processing.

Doctors, we appreciate you being part of the team to bring wellness to the world.  There certainly is no lack of problems but there can be a lack of solutions unless you look to the causes and not just the symptom picture.  We look forward to seeing you soon at one of the Nutri-West/Brimhall seminars.  Brandy and Total Practice Resources will be present as well at almost all of the three day seminars I teach.  She has added training on systems of implementation, increasing proficiency in all office procedures, and maximizing profitability. Please bring your staff so they can assist you in implementation these key principles.  Also, refer a friend to learn the techniques, so they can help you stay well and assist you in taking wellness to the world.

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