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ARE Electronic Medical Records (EMR) HERE TO STAY?  President Obama says YES!

June 15, 2009

These past couples of weeks... we have had Brandy of Total Practice Resources contribute to the Puzzle Pieces for your edification.  She gave you a list two weeks ago of the questions to ask and what to look for in any software package, from any company.  Last week she gave you the “almost perfect CA qualities” to look for.

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This week I have asked Dr. Brett Brimhall to address EMR and the company he uses.  We would ask you to use Brandy’s list to compare and see if this system or any system is for you.  Going electronic will become a must in the next few years according to government mandate, whether cash or insurance, the way I understand it.

Next week we will get back to case studies and the proper Nutri-West nutrition and techniques to use for maximum results.  We have targeted a few weeks in a row for implementation to demonstrate we want to be your one stop shopping for practice development, growth and profitability, along with the miracles in practice we are known for. We now cover all of the “Golden Nuggets” of implementation as well as nutrition and technique in the Nutri-West/Brimhall Seminars for your growth and profitability.

Dr. Brett likes his system so much; it is going to sound like and advertisement.  He has worked closely with this company to see it meets Brimhall Doctors’ needs.  A few of you have had complications and that is why Brandy wrote the June 1, 09 Puzzle Piece so you would know what questions to ask.  You need to know what you want in a system to make sure you like their features, format, and that it will meet YOUR needs. 

Dr. Brett says, are you ready?  Electronic Medical Records (EMR) are here now and will never go away!  Whether you want them to or not, conversion to an electronic medical record system is a must sooner or later!

Every year more and more companies are developing EMR.  It is part of the new presidential administrations plan to have everyone convert to EMR.  There are incentives being put into place to encourage practices to utilize them.  President Obama announced that he wants to make electronic records a cornerstone of his national health care reform.

There are many benefits to using an EMR system.  As many of you have read before my practice pushed me to find a system that I could work and grow with.  I spent many hours, dollars, and lost sleep looking though and trying different systems. 

I have now been using Medicfusion EMR (866-643-7778) for over 2 years now.  I have seen it progress and improve vastly and am excited for the future of what it is doing.  Since I have begun using them they have added multiple new features.  They have added increase speed, a transcription library to decrease manual input, fee processing, dragon natural speaking, and online training, linked to a billing software company, enhanced reports, and many other features.  They are currently working on an inventory system and a way to customize forms like intake and exams procedures.

Medicfusion is a web based system that is updated weekly with new material.  Because it is a web based system, changes can occur and improve without buying new software all or at any of the time.  The speed at which changes occur is based on the complexity of the programming that has to take place. 

With any EMR there are security concerns for patient and practice data.  The data is stored off site and the company has all of the security protection to keep the data private and safe.   Because the data is stored away from your clinic and accessed through the internet, your practice can get accessed by you anywhere in the world if you have internet connection.

In speaking with Dr. Dean Rottinghaus, he has informed me that there are over 1000 practices now using Medicfusion.  The system continues to grow and expand, which is exciting for me and other end users.  Due to the popularity of the system and the expansion of services, the price of the system is going up.  Until June 30, 2009 the set up is $1500 and $175 month.  After that, it will be $1950 and $195 a month. The Ebill system, which is an expanded service, is currently is $1250 for set up and $150 a month.  It will go up to $1450 for set up and stay at the $150 per month. 

A study done by Wells Fargo online business indicates that small businesses with 2-10 employees can free up between $19,500 and $43,000 in staff time per year by switching from paper to online.

There will be no perfect opportunity to switch to an electronic health record system.  You have to make the time and gain the insights of which system is for you.  It is time to move forward and get your practice where it can be and should be. Most of the EMR companies out there will do demos.  Look at several of them, give them a call and look at your options.   Be ahead of the game and not trying to catch up.  Save money and time in the long run!

Each Nutri-West/Brimhall Seminar is a new learning experience.  The addition of Brandy and Total Practice Resources turns each seminar into a “Golden Nugget” explosion of practice systems yielding increased results and profitability.

John W. Brimhall DC and the Wellness Team

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