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Using a Brimhall Wellness Website is Easier than Ever

June 22, 2009


Technology is scary. With much of the summer movie line-up involving killer robots and technology that beats up people, it’s not surprising we’d be a little hesitant to become to owner of our own clinic website… even if it meant we’d lose the chance to market online. Besides, having a custom website made can cost thousands upon thousands to create and even more to maintain. And who is going to manage it and keep it up to date?

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The Brimhall Wellness Website (hereafter referred to as: Brimhallsite) is a tool that can help. With unlimited customer support (really, we’re friendly, you can call us anytime) and an easy-to-use system that lets you change your website information, the Brimhallsite makes being online as easy as typing. You can add new pages to customize your website and display the different services you offer; say massage therapy or acupuncture. You can even upload your picture and write a little about yourself.

Although you can make your Brimhallsite your own creation, we do most of the creation for you already with basic chiropractic information, the Six Steps to Wellness, Search Engine Optimization (a big string of words that just means Google and Yahoo can find you easier), digital rehab exercises, a 3D Spine Simulator, and educational videos. In other words, we try to make it as cute as R2D2, but more intelligible, and as informative as C3PO, but less annoying.

As chiropractors who utilize natural methods of allowing the body to heal itself, we don’t shun technology, we us it. We employ powerful technology like the Total Shield and Mini Harmonizer to counteract the electromagnetic pollution that results from the operation of other technologies. Similarly, a website is a powerful tool that can help to counteract the ignorance about wellness chiropractic care. It educates both current and future patients. Educated patients expect more and are more willing to commit to receiving more services.

Your professional image is important for your business. A website is a label that says: we’re here, we’re legitimate, and we’re established. The Brimhallsites have a large variety of template options. Simply go to our demo website at, scroll to the bottom, and click on the different style options that are available. Also, integrate your existing logo into the Banner (the large image across the top of website) so it shines loudly. Cozy-up your website to look like your online home, with a feel that is, well… you.

Interacting through a newsletter is important in retaining your existing patients and getting new ones. Send a newsletter through your website anytime, anywhere. Again, it’s as easy as typing. In addition we send out a newsletter once a month for you as a part of our service and do the managing for you. Our newsletter is a powerful tool that refers patients back to your website, where they can see what else is going on in your online calendar and see any services you have that they haven’t yet considered. Get in touch and stay in touch.

We make getting a website affordable and not a luxury reserved to a few who want to invest in a five thousand dollar website. See our saving options below:


For a limited time only we are having our cross out sale for the Advanced Website. Simply download the order form and cross out $99 on the Advanced Website Service Plan and write in $79. For additional questions please contact us at or call (866) 338-4883.

In addition to our web service, we have partnered with to assist you in your practice promotion. This directory is designed to be the world’s largest chiropractic portal targeting over one million unique users per month. This directory highlights three “Featured Doctors” in each city or town; you’ll want to be one of those three. We encourage all to become a listed chiropractor. To help promote your website, we’ll be adding you’re their link among those in your pages. Please feel free to contact our office with additional questions.

A website is the foundation of a clinic’s marketing program. We are happy to be an extension of your office, wherein your success is our success in the shared goal: to bring wellness to the world.

Best to You All,
John W. Brimhall DC and the Wellness Team

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