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Alzheimer's, Inflammation, and Hope in Natural Therapies

July 13, 2009

The doctor’s question is, “I have been asked to see an elderly woman with epilepsy and depression.  Any reason she can't have footbaths??  Anything special I should be aware of with detoxifying, etc??

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These two conditions are separate and distinct.  They can appear together but most often are separate.  I am going to say it again, that we treat people that have conditions but not conditions that have people.  I am not going to discuss here the medical diagnosis or approach.  I am going to discuss what we as wellness practitioners, do to help the person to be as well as possible, while being treated for these named and blamed conditions by their medical physician.  The treatment I describe should help the patient with either or both conditions by balancing with the 6 Steps.

Dr. Jim Parker said to accept no credit and take no blame.  We as chiropractors and other practitioners that believe Innate Intelligence or the energy within heals, need to let the body take the credit for its miracles and not get our egos in the way.

Dr. Brett and I have treated hundreds of patients with a diagnosis of some type of seizure activity and many with depression.  Our results have been listed as miracles by many.  We evaluate and adjust the spine very precisely.   Dr. Goodhart said over and over that structure rules function.  We have found this to be very true.  We evaluate and treat the craniosacral system with manual and Percussor treatment.  I can not honestly remember any patient with seizures that did not have multiple cranial lesions from a CSF (cerebral spinal fluid) or craniosacral viewpoint.

There could be a subluxation or craniosacral lesion anywhere in the body from the sphenoid bone to the bones or fascia of the foot.  We evaluate and clear at a vertebrae level as well as the fascia with the percussor and manual adjusting/balancing.

We would evaluate organ movement and use visceral manipulation, as many cases we have seen had restricted motion.  Percussion of the rib cage from the right allows proper motion of the liver, the heaviest organ in the body.  This also frees lung and diaphragm movement.  Remember 80% of toxins are eliminated daily through the breath.  Sometime shock release is necessary to complete this process.  Dropped kidneys should be tested for and lifted if positive.

We have used foot baths to great advantage and the new iontophoresis has been especially helpful in tandem to increase the nutrition uptake.  The regular foot bath helps to balance energy and toxic elimination while the iontophoresis is used for rapidly increasing the nutritional stores.

The normal recommendation is two foot baths per week if the patient is over 40 and up to 3 per week if the patient is under 40.  If the doctor felt the foot baths might be lowering the medication the medical physician had the patient on, the physician should be contacted.  I have had many patients that contacted their physician because the medication became to strong after treatment also.  As a DC I can not take a patient off mediation any more than I can put them on.  So it is wonderful to establish a working relationship with physicians of different disciplines to serve the patient to the utmost.

I would of course do a Total Scan to see what nutrition tested best.  I would expect Total Enzymes and Total Probiotics, as many seizures and depression I have seen had a digestive component.  Remember the digestive system is the second brain.  Also 60 % of the immune system is in the gut and you should test for Total Multimune, Yeast, Para, and Virx etc.

Test for Total Brain, Total Mitochondria and Total 5-HTP, which can be given orally at levels of one three times per day as average dosages.  Remember do not give 5-HTP to patients on SSRI drugs.

A/SERT or allergy and sensitivity testing and treatment may be necessary to help the patient.  Food allergies and other reactions are common in these types of patients.  Test for heavy metals as well and consider Total Chelate as part of the detoxification process.

Please look at the calendar and get to a Nutri-West/Brimhall seminar soon.  In Kansas City, Missouri; Baltimore, Maryland; and in Twin Falls, Idaho a special 10% added nutritional discount is available to all of the doctor’s offices that attend.  The only way you can get the discount is to come to the seminar.  One Certified Doctor just told us in Nashville that his practice soars every time he comes to an N-W/Brimhall Seminar.  At all of the seminars I teach, Brandy of TPR is also there to increase your bottom line without increasing your overhead.  Bring all your staff.

All Certified Doctors get special attention.  We separate you off from the main group Friday morning and you are with our Certified Teacher to be nutrient tested, treated and have any of your questions answered.  Dr Brimhall tests and treats complicated doctors and staff during the hands on Friday and Saturday from 2 to 6:00 PM.  Your wish is our command.  You tell us your needs and wants and we will answer the call. 

Please call Dr. Luke Lovick at 678-350-5914 if you need information on the EBi iontophoresis, lasers, or any other equipment or protocols.

See You Soon,
John W. Brimhall DC and the Wellness Team

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