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July 27, 2009

The Doctor asked for help on a patient with Tourette’s. Here is the plea:

I am hoping to get suggestions for the use of cold laser and nutrition for a 7 year old with tics (possible Tourette's syndrome, eye blinking, neck twisting, and throat clearing for at least 6 months.) Thank you.

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Tourette syndrome (also called Tourette's syndrome, Tourette's disorder, Gilles de la Tourette syndrome, GTS or, more commonly, simply Tourette's or TS) is thought to be an inherited neuropsychiatric disorder with onset in childhood. It is often characterized by the presence of multiple physical (motor) tics and for a complete diagnosis of this condition the patient has at least one vocal (phonic) tic. These tics characteristically get better and worse on their own accord to some degree. Tourette's is defined as part of a spectrum of tic disorders, which includes transient and chronic tics.

Since we treat people that have conditions and not conditions that have people, the exact diagnosis in not critical for us to apply natural therapy to allow the best possible function. I am a DC and in this case that means I am a Doctor of Cause. I have always found subluxations in the cervical spine in these types of cases. I correct them manually or with the Adjustor to great success. Of course there could be subluxation complexes anywhere in the spine or extremities that need correction.

I have almost always seen cranial or craniosacral lesions, as well as TMJ involvement. I have had great success in correcting these with manual and percussion techniques to free the fascia. It is important to clear any scar tissues here as well. Remember the umbilical area is the first scar and percussion and laser of this area is sometimes necessary. The TMJ responds to the Percussion treatment we teach and is involved in well over have of the cases I have seen.

I also use the eyelights and correct any brain weakness that appears when up regulated to show positive by use of the eyelight stimulation to the non dominant side of the brain. Most commonly there is a cerebellum side that needs to be lasered that manifests after only two or three flashes of the eyelights. It is usually opposite the non-dominate side of the brain but must be tested for to be sure. Usually the opposite side cerebrum will then need lasering. Often the cranial midline will then test to need a laser balancing to bring the corpus collusom to optimal function. This will clear any right or left brain imbalance.

I apologize I am not covering each of these techniques in detail for a new reader. They are all taught in the Nutri-West/Brimhall Seminars and are in the Seminar Manual. We have them in great detail on the training DVD’s that can be acquired through our office at 866-338-0996.

It is important to laser the appropriate myotomes and cranial nerves that test positive on challenge. The exact details again are taught in the seminars, in the manual and training DVD’s. The frequencies for the Erchonia laser, either red or red/violet can be 4, 16, 33, 60 or other useful settings.

Nutritionally I would use Total Brain, Total Joint Support and Total Inflamm. I would be very careful to test for Total Enzymes and Total Probiotics. I have had some symptomatic expression from tics and even seizures respond to balancing the gut and digestion. Remember over 60% of our Immune System is in the gut. So this means you also need to test for hidden infections and give proper nutrition support to the immune system with Total Yeast, Total Para, Total Multimune or Virx etc.

We look forward to seeing you all at a seminar real soon! It is important to perfect each of the techniques we have referred to. It may take a combination of all of them to get the desired result. Of course food allergies (A/SERT), emotional components, electromagnetic pollution and toxins can play a part as well.

Yours in Health and Wellness,

John W. Brimhall, DC and the Wellness Team

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