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Can The Correct Nutrition or Treatment Cause An Undesirable Result?


August 10, 2009

Of course correct nutrition, the adjustment, detoxification, emotional release and about every other treatment modality could cause a reaction or some undesirable symptomatic expression.

Let’s look at the Nutrition designed for the Zerona Laser that can be used with our without the Zerona for a dynamite nutritional protocol for health, wellness, detoxification, circulation and leanness and body contouring:

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Total Trim* is helpful for all aspects of the necessary nutrition for achieving proper weight or size loss.

Total Thyroid* should be tested for and given if necessary to allow for proper metabolism. Of course weight gain, fatigue and hair loss are common signs of low thyroid function.

Core Level Lymph is very helpful to allow the lymphatics to do their job in the process of weight or size loss, detoxification and immune balancing.

DSF* is necessary in almost every case to support the adrenals and the stress induced general adaptation syndrome; and it along with several of the others like Core Level Lymph and Total Liver Detox may need to be put in the water if you have the EBi for iontophoresis before Zerona treatment. In many cases a detox foot bath needs to be used after treatment for maximum benefit.

Total Liver D-Tox* to support liver function and detoxification shows often to be necessary.

Total L-Carnitine* is a nutrient responsible for the transport of long-chain fatty acids into the energy producing centers of the cells (known as the mitochondria).

Total Niacin* is helpful to dilate the blood vessels and is important for the conversion of food to energy. It has been shown to increase HDL. It assists in the functioning of the digestive system, skin, and nerves.

Total Green* can be used to support any nutritional program and dietary regime, and is a great meal replacement. It along with Total Veggie* also helps to alkalize the body, give very natural, organic sprout nutrition, (which is 100 times stronger than the plant) and helps promote healing and protective nutrition.

This is an incredible line up of nutrition and as stated is applicable with or without the Zerona Laser for the achievement of life changing results. However it is very concentrated and very stirring to the entire system. One very important rule is, if you are getting a reaction from any treatment, whether nutrition, an adjustment or supportive therapy, is to stop the regime temporarily while you re-evaluate.

If a patient is getting gas or bloating, stop the nutrition temporarily. Give them Total Enzymes and Total Probiotics only, which will assist in digestion, assimilation and elimination. Once symptoms have subsided, add back the most important nutrition, one at a time and small doses. Most often with the Zerona Approach to size loss, I would consider one Total L Carnitine and then one Total Niacin per day and add up to several tablets per day according to tolerance. DSF is very important and should be added as soon as possible.

This is why I think the EBi unit (call Natalie at 480-234-5546) is so important and is better than any other foot bath on the market. It allows you to powerhouse the nutrition into the body through iontophoresis and bypasses the digestive system. You can use the same unit for two treatments, iontophoresis and the regular foot bath. Most states and insurance companies allow you to bill for iontophoresis (code 97033.)

Some patients respond to the regular nutritional doses recommended without any complications. Some have such compromised systems; you have to work them up slowly to the indicated nutrition to allow proper utilization, without being symptomatic expressive.

Additionally, I had a question this last week on Percussion over a previous surgery where a mesh was used in the repair. This type of mesh is common in the abdomen where the seat belt tore the tissues severely in an auto accident. Do not percuss this area. You may use manual visceral manipulation as taught in our seminars and also laser the area but not the percussion instrument.

This goes back to my original statement. If you are getting symptoms from the patient, after or during treatment, slow down your treatment procedure, re-evaluate, make midcourse corrections to your approach and proceed with caution and much awareness.

John W. Brimhall, DC and the Wellness Team

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