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Patients Will Pay Cash For Treatment if you Deliver Results


August 17, 2009

Dr. Keith Lynch, a Certified Doctor, states; “Patients will pay cash for treatment if you deliver results.” Here is his personal story:

Dr. John,

This is Dr. Keith Lynch in Charlottesville, Virginia. I saw you last June to be recertified and as usual, it was a great learning experience. I wanted to share a story of a patient who was passing through town on business and was referred to me by one of my patient’s mothers.

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She carries two fifty pound sewing machines to demonstrate and sell to clients and travels everywhere with them. She has been seeing a DC in her town for many years. However, she is on pain medications so strong that her MD said if she ever wanted to go off them she would need to check in to a detoxification center for up to two weeks.

She called our office and asked if we could adjust her TMJ and if we took her insurance. She said she pays $9 to see her DC and insurance pays the rest. We told her we could and would be glad to help, but her out of pocket would be about $71 total for a 98941 (three to four area spinal adjustment) and $15 for laser. She reluctantly agreed for one visit while in town, since she was in so much pain.

I adjusted her TMJ with the adjusting instrument, percussed to release the fascia, adjusted the spine and balanced a Category II pelvis. I did the laser protocol on the jaw and lumbar myotomes. During the whole visit I explained what I was doing and why.

She called her husband after our visit to tell him how much better she felt. He told her, "call back and make another appointment for tomorrow". She returned for a second visit and continued to improve. She still needs a multipolar magnet for EMF protection; she also needs nutrition and detoxification work. She may possibly need Total Joint, Total Brain, possibly Total Mitochondria and of course she should be tested for Total Female or other endocrine nutrition. DSF, stress reduction counseling and emotional release treatments could be very helpful for long term benefit and stability.

She told us, “After just the two treatments I had with you I feel so much better. The results were amazing!!!! I would truly like to continue the same type of treatment!!!” I hope you can refer me to someone in my area. Your treatments lasted over 2 weeks, even with my traveling!

Thank You Dr. Brimhall. The 6 Step Protocol you teach is so much more effective for our patients. Even in these tight economic times people will pay for results, and leave cheaper DC's who they have had a relationship with for years to get this care. Thank you again for all your hard work in putting together the 6 step protocol and constantly traveling to teach them to us. Please feel free to share it with any DC's who are on the fence about doing this work.

Keith Lynch DC

PS. She has the Kansas City Nutri-West Distributor’s phone number and will be calling today for a referral to a Brimhall Certified Doctor. She will make a great 6 Steps to Wellness patient and a great referrer for the office she finds.

Thanks to Dr. Lynch for sharing one of his success stories. We welcome your case histories and results. We will of course entertain questions and possible treatment procedures if you have complicated cases you would like to discuss on the Puzzle Pieces.

We are in the airport now as I write this to you. We are just returning from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, where we just completed a three day Basic, Intermediate and Advanced seminar. The doctors and CA’s were fired up and it was a very enjoyable learning experience for us all. Brandy and her team were extremely helpful for doctor and team training to increase the bottom line, without increasing the overhead.

This next year, 2010, we will be teaching one day nutrition only seminars, two and three day Nutrition, Technique and Implementation seminars. We look forward to seeing you all there.

John W. Brimhall, DC and the Wellness Team

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