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September 14, 2009

Dr. Gorman wrote:

Hi Dr. John,

It was awesome to see you and your team in Harrisburg . My staff and I absolutely loved it. It is still amazing to me that you can train us to the level that you and your team do. My AK friends from school are still amazed when I tell them that my staff is doing my allergy work, all of my Percussor work and some of the nutrition, etc. Thanks for expanding my mind. My staff has a lot of questions and suggestions. So if it is OK with you, I would love to send them as they come up. Brandy, of Total Practice Resources, has been an extraordinary asset to my office as well.

Being in a position where my staff is doing so much of the work, I am finding myself in a different position. Having gone to National for school, we weren't even allowed to use the word subluxation, if you can believe it. That is probably what led me down the AK road. Without philosophy I figured I better know how to help people consistently and rapidly. But I am finding myself dealing with the fact that my patients and even staff don't really understand chiropractic and the subluxation. The thing I love most about your work is that it keeps the subluxation and chiropractic as the main premise and then we address the causes of the subluxation, such as nutritional deficiencies and imbalances, along with all of the 6 Interferences.

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Question: When I go in the room and use the adjustor to adjust the spine, how do I evaluate for subluxations? I palpate in the cervical region, but my point is what do I say to my patients when I am trying to emphasize the importance of removing subluxations? Also, what do I say when they ask me, how I am doing doc?

Answer: In the Seminars we teach you to palpate the side of the neck bilaterally, one side at a time, with the head turned away. When you hit those painful knots, you say there is a subluxation. When you elevate the arm and it does not go clear over the head, you say, touch the spine with your other hand. The therapy localization of the hand on the blocked energy area caused by the subluxation, now allows the arm to have improved motion. With the increased range of motion, you say, this demonstrates there are subluxations and fixations in the spine that caused the painful areas and the restricted motion. Then you adjust them and the pain in the neck is gone and the ROM is improved, demonstrating the subluxation and its correction with the Adjustor Protocol. When you release painful areas, knots and muscle spasms, whether with the Adjustor, Percussor or Nutri-West nutrition e.g. Total Joint Repair, you relate you are also freeing the fascia, which connects the three nervous systems together, the Central Nervous System, Peripheral NS and the Autonomic NS.

Question: I used to spend all of my time muscle testing and figuring out what to treat. Now that my staff is getting really good in assisting me, with your help and Brandy's office procedures, it allows me and my staff to evaluate during exams and develop effective treatment plans. This is allowing us to move more to a Wellness Model. We are also doing 15, 30, and 60 minute visits and charging for them. I was just wondering if I want to emphasize the subluxation in my practice, how do I check specific subluxations and then let my patients know how we are correcting them and how there overall progress is?

Answer: Painful areas, taught and tender fibers, restricted range of motion, muscle weakness etc are all indications of subluxation-fixation areas. Relate that to the patient constantly while testing and treating. Explain that when you do the Adjustor, Percussor, specific Nutri-West Nutrition and Laser therapy, all are addressing the subluxation complex. When doing the entire Adjustor/Percussor treatment, explain you are accomplishing correction of specific subluxations and also accomplishing global correction through fascia release and correction of the three nervous systems.

Question: Do we explain all of this in the treatment or do we reevaluate and do progress exams? On that note, what would you recommend doing for a progress exam, especially when they are doing better? Other DC's are doing a few orthopedic tests and ROM and emphasizing that they still have subluxations? I am trying to move to more of a wellness model, but I don't know how to do that and emphasize the subluxation more. I also want to tell parents to bring all their kids in for checkups; but then if they don't have any problems, I am not sure exactly how to check them chiropractically. I emphasize the other steps like nutrition but then patients couldn't understand why they had to keep coming back for chiropractic. I know these are some big questions, but through your work I am rediscovering my passion for chiropractic and thought I would ask you since I value your opinion so much. Thanks as always!

Answer: When I am adjusting patients it is a mini seminar constantly. I am explaining all 6 interferences as I evaluate and treat. That is nutritional deficiency, electromagnetic interference, emotional stress, toxins, slips and falls etc all cause subluxations, which allow the nervous system to have too much or too little nerve supply. This affects normal function, yielding any number of signs and symptoms, from headaches to back and neck pain... I explain even birth is a trauma to the baby and the cranium and spine need to be checked and balanced.

We do a monthly health and wellness class where we require all new patients to attend and invite them to bring their family and friends at no charge. We explain I am paid $1500 dollars per day to lecture but we do it free for them and their friends and family. We explain that is our gift to them. We do show and tell in each visit and during the patient education class. We tie all corrections, whether adjusting, laser, Nutri-West nutrition or percussor work to the 6 interferences that cause subluxations. We outline subluxations can be the underlying cause of disease.

When seeing the patients, we do a re-exam every month of their care and do a mini-report of our findings. We do the same exam as we did in the beginning, which includes orthopedic and neurological tests, along with range of motion and palpatory evaluation.

It seems our Puzzle Pieces have been long and very informative these past several weeks. We look forward to seeing all of you real soon at a Nutri-West/Brimhall Seminar so we can do all of the Show and Tell for you. A picture is worth a thousand words, so imagine how a thousand pictures in a weekend could help you and your staff.

Thanks to Dr Gorman and Thanks to YOU for serving Humanity though you’re chosen Profession.

Yours in Health and Wellness,

John W. Brimhall, DC and the Wellness Team

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