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November 30, 2009

This week’s article is by Spencer Peller, Co-Founder of Their office is in down town New York and their idea is to take Chiropractic and YOU uptown and downtown in every City, State and Province. Below is just a glimpse of what they are working on to take YOU to the WWW.WORLD.

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Spencer says: As I travel the country speaking to chiropractors as Co-Founder of, I’m always amazed at the amount of practices that don’t seem to understand the value of Search Engine Marketing (SEM). When I speak to groups of doctors, I usually ask two simple questions:

1) How many of you consistently use a search engine to find local businesses (Google, Yahoo, MSN/Bing, AOL, or others)? Usually, almost every doctor in the room raises his or her hand in response to this question. You better be in this day and age of the Internet. If you are not doing at least that, call Carey at Brimhall Seminars/Websites 866-338-4883 immediately.

2) How many of you actively spend money to advertise your practice across these very same search engines? In response to this question, usually only one or two hands are raised. Do you see the disconnect above? This is a phenomenon that has continued to shock me since we launched our chiropractic care portal earlier this year-- and one that we address and provide solutions for with doctors across the country.

First let’s start with some basic statistics about the overwhelming popularity of the Internet in today’s society. According to Internet World Stats, Internet users totaled 73.6% of the US Population in 2008, or 248 million total users. According to eMarketer, the average time spent online by US adults shot up to 14 hours per week in 2008 compared with 11 hours in 2007 – and 73% of consumers today say they use Internet search engines to find local businesses. As you can see, these statistics clearly establish that the Internet is not going away and continues to evolve into the most critical aspect of our every day decision making.

So why don’t chiropractors take advantage of this powerful advertising vehicle in order to attract new patients? For most doctors, there is a belief that just having a personal website is sufficient enough to have an online presence. That is just simply not the case. Unless a website consistently shows up on the first page of a search results page for key terms such as “Philadelphia Chiropractors”, your website will not receive proper traffic and it is under-utilized. Jupiter Research recently reported that 62% of Internet users only clicked on listings seen on the first page of the search results. In addition, only 10% of users actually progressed to the second page of the results to make their selection. That is because if people can’t find what they seek, they change their search term and/or search engine and submit a new search. Users are not rummaging through search pages—they want instant results.

So what good is a having an informative and modern looking website if no one can find it at the top of the search results? In reality, it’s almost pointless. Without gaining optimal placements across the engines in searches such as “Nashville Chiropractors”, your website only serves as a showpiece for your existing patients. While it may be informative for your current patient list, it does very little to attract new patients looking for chiropractic, Nutri-West nutrition, nutritional and/or wellness care to your practice. In order to maximize the marketing power of the Internet and use it to your advantage, it is critical that you make Search Engine Marketing a key component to your business.
So what’s the easiest way to get started? There are countless ways to advertise on the Internet, but here are 3 key strategies which any doctor can deploy:

Pay-Per-Click Advertising (PPC): Each search engine offers “word bidding” tools in which you can bid on key word terms that will put you in the “Sponsored Listings” sections of the results pages. The sponsored listings are the advertisements seen on the top or the side of the natural (or organic) listings. You can bid on terms such as “Atlanta Chiropractors,” “Las Vegas Chiropractors,” “Houston Chiropractors” or countless other terms you think would be relevant for your business. If your PPC bid is high enough, your listing will be placed at the top of the page for all to see, and you will pay a fee every time someone clicks on your advertisement. You can also set ad spend limits on those words so that you do not go over your set limits. These campaigns can be very effective if you have time to analyze your ad spends, track conversion rates, and keep a close eye on your campaign. Left unchecked though, you may be looking at an expensive bill for listings such as “Tacoma Chiropractors” that may not be converting. Sponsored Listings receive 30% of the page traffic, so certainly new patients click on these listings when choosing their chiropractor—therefore, wise PPC spending can produce significant results for your practice.

Listing Your Practice in a National Directory or Portal (such as Many patients will want to use a national portal to select their chiropractor because they can easily compare and contrast different doctors in their city or town without having to visit countless websites. Listing you practice in a portal insures that your practice will be highlighted on a highly trafficked website which is advertised across all of the search engines for search terms you won’t be able to secure-- terms such as “Chiropractors,” “Find a Chiropractor,” “Chiropractic Care,” etc… and for a minimal price (a listing on only costs $30 a month). In addition, if the portal you select shows up in the organic listings section on the first page for these sorts of national terms, your practice can expect even greater exposure since 70% of the traffic on the page comes from the organic section (or natural search results). These portals can also deliver great value to your practice and insure that you have an expanded presence, without having to manage multiple Internet ad campaigns, cap spending limits, analyze traffic patterns, and other time consuming initiatives, which are critical in Internet advertising.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Consulting: If you have invested in a sexy website for your practice, you should also spend an equal amount of dollars in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) so that your site ranks at the top of the various search results. There are many consultants across the web that offer these services, but be careful in making your selection. There are companies and individuals that will promise you the world when it comes to search engine placement and rankings for optimal positions on pages such as “Birmingham Chiropractors” – so as the old adage goes, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. When selecting a SEO Consultant, the first rule of thumb is that anyone that guarantees you top of the page organic placement in Google is trying to deceive you. No one, and I repeat no one, can guarantee you top of the page organic placement in Google because Google doesn’t provide that service. In addition, Google uses a secret complex algorithm to determine its search results for things such as “Miami Chiropractors”, and the algorithm is always changing. Therefore, no one is assured of a guaranteed first page spot. In addition, there are no “special relationships” when it comes to Google, so be careful of anyone who boasts of their relationship with Google as the reason they can get you on the first page. The best SEO Consultants in the country will be upfront with you and tell you that they can only do the best they can do to get you on the first page, but there are no guarantees.

Homecoming Featured Speakers
Jan 29-31, 2010

Dr. Bruce Lipton

Dr. Lipton will be addressing us at Homecoming from New Zealand on his new book, Spontaneous Evolution. He will be talking to us about his total belief that we must be in “Alignment”: CHIROPRACTIC THE NEW SCIENCE AND YOU.

Dr. Jay Mead

President of Labrix will be presenting the following must hear topics: Practical Guide of Hormone Assessment and Balancing, Men’s Health from ED to Andropause, and Balancing Thyroid Naturally

Eric Lommen, ND

Dr. Lommen will be covering in detail, information on hot topics such as: Fighting Fat and Fatigue in One Fell Swoop,Women’s Health: from PMS to Post menopause, Trust Your Gut Feelings. Review the three most common complaints: IBS, IBD, GERD.

Kate Wells

World Class Hormone Health Program defines how to take the Labrix hormone testing to your practice to be of greater service to your patients as well as increase your profits.

James Blum, PhD

Will be sharing invaluable insight on the effects of allergies and introducing ALCAT allergy testing.

Eydi Bauer, DC

Author of ‘Life After Bread’ shares her research and experience with Gluten Sensitivities and the road to recovery.



At the end of the day, choosing a SEO Consultant is like choosing a good auto mechanic – do your homework, ask for referrals, don’t sign long term contracts or give large sums of money up front, etc… Many chiropractors have been burned by bad SEO Consultants saying they will be #1 for Minneapolis Chiropractors because there are a lot of them out there, and they prey on doctors who are not technology savvy – but if you find the right one, they can do wonders for your business.
In summary, there is no magic formula to Search Engine Marketing. The best advice I can pass along to you is to jump in, and with both feet! One doctor in Arizona who lists with us at and currently spends over $1,000 across many different Internet portals and key word campaigns claims to receive 30 new patients a month from his Internet marketing strategies. Now I would say that is a wise investment!

The Internet is not going away, and the search engines are the most widely used vehicles for patients searching for chiropractic care.
As I always say to doctors we work with, it’s not one strategy you deploy that gets you the most visibility and new patients -- it’s a series of initiatives you invest the time into that will truly make the difference and allow you to stand out from the rest. Internet and Search Engine Marketing are proven strategies that can deliver the most return for your investment. So the more search engine marketing you participate in, the better! After all, keyword searches are the most targeted advertising available because it enables you to connect with prospective patients who are looking for and need your services at the exact time he or she requires your services the most. There is nothing more targeted than that!

Spencer Peller is the Co-Founder of is the world’s largest chiropractic portal targeting over one million unique users per month across all of the major search engines including Google, Yahoo!, MSN/Bing, and AOL. Led by some of the most distinguished names in chiropractic, services as the premier place where both users and doctors can visit to find all information pertaining to chiropractic. The site features a user-friendly directory that allows users to locate the best chiropractic care in their area, view informational articles and blogs from experts, read about various chiropractic conditions, techniques, and treatments, and much, much more. With content rich sections such as ChiroVillage, has quickly become one of the most respected chiropractic resources on the net. They can be contacted atl 1-800-691-8360 or visit:

Please register for Homecoming 2010 today. The lineup we have can not be compared to any seminar, anywhere, for the entire year. Spencer and his 123 Team will be on hand to expand on this Puzzle Piece in formal presentation and to answer your questions one on one. We will be demonstrating the new Scalar Wave Technology, with many innovative techniques. We will be showing the latest in Nutri-West nutrition and utilization. Of course, with all of the incredible technique, we will have Brandy and her Total Practice Resource team teaching you step by step implementation. For the first time they will be teaching not only how to increase your collections, but also how to manage and reduce your payables. They will launch a new statistics and practice expansion format.

To miss this seminar will cost you more than you can afford to loose…

John W Brimhall, DC and the (EXPANDED) Wellness Team

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